Welcome to My Party Team!

You can Google the basic HTML stuff like paragraph tags, li tags (list item), ul (unordered list) - these are used in the nav-left.php file.

Ignore all of the div and class tags - it will be confusing initially - it is what is used to style the page and make things line up & look pretty

Ignore the css, font-awesome, and js folders

Ignore the header & footer pages apart from looking to see what is there (header mainly)

assets folder - this is where important things are stored that we do deal with:

  • avatars, icomoon, images, imagesapp, imagesprofiles = all folders containing different images for the site - this sample will not use all of them, but they are available for you to play with
  • functions - important folder
  • config-inc.php - file that sets a lot of defaults for the site
  • dbconn-main.php - file that connects to the database
  • db-functions & helper-functions - ignore these
  • general-functions.php - has one function currently - to format phone numbers - we force 10 digits only in phone number fields in the database - this function adds dashes to format it like xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • location-functions - I added two functions here to get a list of states and countries (all of them)


The Country I Selected Is: Estonia and has a country code of 372 and international code of 00

Edit index.php and change the $countryid from 22 to something else and you will get a different country result.

- Click on STATES on the left - that is the only other page built for you.
Information Here

Just sample section styled by CSS and DIV tags a bit

Images look the same on the page, but are coded differently. The first uses a dynamic/variable path instead of manually typing - this is good in case you ever need to move/rename a folder...update your code in one spot and you are done (config-inc.php is where this info is stored)

I suggest copying index.php and renaming it state.php, company.php, country.php for the other pages in the site - it is always better to start with a base framework and then make your changes. This also makes it easier to troubleshoot things if they are not lining up properly.